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Jumpy Horse Show Jumping

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***** Jumpy Horse Show Jumping requires smart players and fast hardware for smooth and real horse movement *****Play Competitions! Now you can share your course designs and invite friends to jump with their horses.
New! ALL Controls How to play video
7 breeds in the game: Appaloosa, Arabian, Hanoverian, Mustang, Shire, Thoroughbred and Zebra. Play with 35 horses with beautiful animations and realistic horse behavior. PLEASE NOTE! Some courses may be difficult or impossible for some breeds of horses to finish clean.
ArtCreate amazing horses with unlimited colors and markings from the palette using brush with different size and opacity.
Smart CameraYou can change the camera view angle and altitude. For better gameplay you can adjust camera settings for different scenes.
Amazing Pictures to share with friends. Find the best point of camera view to capture interesting moments. Auto control is preferred, because the horse jumps the obstacles and all you have to do is to enjoy shooting.
How to adjust camera for better gameplay, design courses and more videos:
Have an idea? Write us your suggestions at or find us on Facebook at for many cool horse pictures. We love high rating comments!